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About The Market

Locally Grown Produce

As more people want to know where their food comes from and how farmers grow it, the demand for locally grown produce has increased. Farmers markets offer locals a traditional way to find organic fruits and vegetables while supporting their community’s businesses and farmers.

For Wayne, Pennsylvania residents and visitors, our Lancaster County Farmers Market offers all those benefits in one convenient location.

Experience the Historical Traditions of a Lancaster Farmers Market

At the Lancaster County Farmers Market, locals can stop by and shop a wide variety of fresh produce, prime meats, artisan cheeses and homemade goods. This form of shopping dates back to the early 1700s when townspeople would gather and sell food and goods to each other in the marketplace. Because there were no grocery stores, these markets were the primary way for townspeople to get the goods they needed. Plus, buying and selling products provided people with an opportunity to mingle with others from their community.

Many historians believe Lancaster, Pennsylvania was home to the country’s first farmers market. While much has changed over the years, farmers markets still offer a chance to purchase goods and engage with multiple vendors from the community.

Enjoy Authentic Amish Produce, Treats and Homemade Goodswoman holding carrots from her garden

When you stop by our farmers market, you’ll receive a taste of what these historic markets were like as you browse our array of locally sourced produce and goods.

The area between Lancaster and Philadelphia is famous for embracing the Amish culture and allowing others to experience it themselves. Although our market is not strictly Amish, you’ll learn about this rich heritage and browse plenty of Amish baked and handmade goods. Authenticity is an essential component of our market.

Despite its location outside the city, our market was originally the “Lancaster County Farmers Market” because most of our original vendors were Lancaster residents. Enjoy the sights, sounds and goods of this unique culture in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy Food On-Site

Each of our stands is family-owned and operated. All our vendors deliver the highest quality goods from all over the world at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for produce, pasta, spices, or candy, you’ll find the ingredients you need to create unforgettable meals.

Several of our farmers market food vendors prepare meals and other items for our customers to enjoy during their shopping experience. These culinary opportunities allow you to eat at the market. We have seating options available where your family can sit down to share a meal made from our vendors’ ready-to-eat offerings.

You can buy various pre-made foods, including Asian, Middle Eastern, Italian, Portuguese and Greek specialties. Our vendors also carry several meats and cheeses for your perusal and lunch on-site.

Farmers market seafood vendors offer your favorite items at lower prices than you can find in other locales. These seafood dinners come prepared just for you, so your family can have full courses without preparing anything.

Conveniently, many of our vendors also offer hot and to-go foods, prepared foods and fresh foods ready for you to cook at home. No matter when you stop by, you’ll be able to find something for every meal and every occasion at our farmers market. Everything you need — including dessert — will be available here! Bring your friends and family, spend the day browsing and find the goods and foods to satisfy all your needs and cravings.

Shop Farm Fresh Produce While Supporting Your Local Wayne Community

When you shop for locally grown produce at our farmers market, you’ll get plenty of fresh, flavorful fruits and vegetables. What’s more, you’ll receive the satisfaction of directly supporting your local community.

Discover an array of local foods and a variety of imported foods and hard goods from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for sushi or locally grown flowers for a loved one, you’ll know exactly where your items come from. If you have any questions, you can have a personal conversation with the professionals who grew, baked or made your goods by hand.

Here at Lancaster County Farmers Market, we’ve made supporting local businesses and farmers even easier with our curbside pickup option for most stands. Simply order ahead, then stop by once your order is complete.

Find Something for Everyone at Lancaster County Farmers Market

At our farmers market, we take pride in offering more than just in-season, organic produce. We have vendors selling a wide variety of food and goods, which guarantees that you’ll find something the entire family will enjoy.

Browse vendors selling goods like:bread display


Check out our list of vendors to get an idea of which items you’ll find when you visit each stand at our farmers market.

Find Unique Foods and Goods in a Single Location

When you buy items at a big chain grocery store, that money leaves your local area. If you shop at Lancaster County Farmers Market, you can support your local community while you indulge in unique, imported goods. From Mediterranean to Middle Eastern specialties, our Wayne farmers market has it all. You’ll find plenty of Greek, Italian and pre-packed Asian foods and grocery items, too.

Check out home goods like French soaps, candles, specialty paper products and other charming items. We also have plenty of silk flowers that will add a cheerful touch to your home.

Hand-Pick Your Ingredients

Shopping at a farmers market gives you the chance to fully engage with the items on your grocery list. You can select your own cuts of meat, test your produce for ripeness and even plan meals around your favorite stands’ seasonal offerings.

Our farmers market meat vendors carry products that meet U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prime standards and exceed your expectations. At some stands, you can even request custom cuts to ensure you’re getting the ingredients you need. Choose smoked, imported and high-quality meats for your next recipes.

These offerings pair well with our farmers market cheese vendors’ artisanal products. Several stands sell finely aged cheeses and other items such as olives, fresh pasta, butter and eggs. If you have international grocery items on your list, you may not need to find a specialty store. Various vendors carry imported items, including olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

basket of assorted vegetables

Choose Your Own Snacks and Candies

Farmers market desserts, snacks and candies are of a higher quality than the versions you can find in the supermarket. These items are handcrafted, raising the bar for prepackaged snack cakes and trail mixes. Many of our vendors also customize baked goods for birthdays and other occasions.

Explore stands that sell gourmet candies, trail and nut mixes, and pastries. These products are excellent for snacking during your trip to the market or while eating at home. You can also give them as gifts.

Select Gifts and Other Items

yellow flowers

The market carries several gift options aside from food, snacks and candies.

If you’re looking for flowers to make your room more vibrant, choose from bouquets of fresh-cut blooms or arrangements made of silk flowers that last for years. These options ensure the market always offers our visitors a touch of summer’s brightness.

Other vendors sell home goods and small pieces that make incredible gifts. Some of those items include soaps, decorative pillows, table linens and cookbooks. Select specialty paper products are functional gifts for your loved ones, or you could bring home a unique, new toy that captures your child’s fascination.

Stop by Our Historic Amish Farmers Market in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Our farmers market, situated just 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia, is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday regardless of the weather. Our farmers market hours can vary during the holidays. For example, we have special hours for the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years. Visit us between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. during the weeks when we aren’t celebrating!

Our market is located at:

389 Lancaster Ave

Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087

We invite you to stop by in-person to experience all that our vendors offer, or you can take advantage of our quick and easy curbside pickup. Either way, if you have any questions about our market, special events or locally sourced and imported goods, call us at 610-688-9856. We look forward to providing you with a unique shopping experience that combines historical traditions and modern trends.