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Lancaster County Farmers Market

From Farm...To Family

Serving our mainline friends & families
for more than 80 years

We are a local farmers market housing the best all-around fresh produce, fresh meats, lunchmeats, cheeses, fresh seafood, fresh baked breads, cakes, pies, imported meats & cheese, and specialty cultural foods from all around the world all under 1 roof.

Explore everything we have to offer right here — and visit us to experience the difference!

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Come and Enjoy a hot meal
or grab something to go

Lancaster County Farmers Market is the perfect place to grab lunch as many of our vendors carry hot and prepared foods, as well as food to go making it the perfect place to grab dinner as well! Fresh sushi, chicken & rib dinners & delicious delicacies from around the world and right in your own back yard. Also located inside the market is Angel’s Café, serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ample amount of seating throughout to enjoy all the sounds, smells, and sights of market.

We Have Something for Everyone

At Lancaster County Farmers Market in Wayne, Pennsylvania, our vendors offer the highest-quality goods. You can find farm-fresh produce, handmade items, artisanal cheeses, baked goods, and even imported items. Everyone can discover a great meal or exciting ingredients among our stands.

Our produce stands carry a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our meat vendors sell U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prime cuts of fresh meat as well as smoked, barbequed, and fully prepared meats. Also, enjoy authentic favorites such as fresh pasta, empanadas, pre-packed Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Greek specialties, including prepared foods and grocery items.

Before you leave, stop by a flower stand for a freshly picked bouquet, choose something for dessert from one of the bakeries or grab a gift from one of our home goods stands. One vendor even offers a full-service coffee bar at their stand, so you can choose a roast that excites your senses.

Fresh Ingredients

Visiting Lancaster County Farmers Market offers the same convenience as taking a trip to the grocery store. Supermarkets source their inventory from various places, and your family may not love the quality and freshness of your purchases. However, our produce vendors bring fruits and vegetables from reputable places, including their own gardens and orchards.

Imported and regional items, such as fresh seafood, quality olive oil, and aged cheeses, are also available at several stands. No matter what you choose, let our wide selection of meats, cheeses, and coffee roasts infuse new life into your shopping list and the meals you prepare throughout the week.

Prepared Foods

If you’re looking for a quick meal on-site or an already prepared food to take home for dinner, we have those items too. Several vendors carry hot food, and many have full menus with stand staples and changing specials. You can choose from local favorites or delicious foods reminiscent of the cultures that created them.

Stop to pick up some freshly baked bread or customizable baked goods for a special occasion. Instead of scouring the supermarket for the right cake, ask one of our vendors to add a heartfelt inscription to an appealing cake’s frosting.

Your family will love perusing our stands for the perfect lunch. You can also bring home a meal that’s sure to please with prepared food from a single vendor or a sampling of several stands.

Other Goods

Attendees enjoy more than food at our farmer’s market. Among our vendors, you can also find vibrant flowers and unique gifts, including home goods.

Furnishing your home with decor from our vendors’ stands ensures your style is clear in your space. Whether you just want to pop in for a bouquet of flowers to brighten your room or visit to gather table linens and pillows, you can find the pieces you want at Lancaster County Farmers Market.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Choose from food, candy, or other items. Our vendors offer French soaps, potted plants, and even silk flower arrangements.

Modern Shopping Meets Historic Traditions

Before grocery stores opened their doors, townspeople sold their goods and bought those belonging to their neighbors. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is home to the country’s first farmers market, which began around 1730. The market was as much as a hub for life as it was for commerce. Families bought life-sustaining food and resources, selling things they made by hand to afford their purchases.

Farmers’ markets have changed a bit since then. Still, they offer vendors and visitors a unique opportunity to engage with their community and make mindful purchasing decisions. If you want to know where your food comes from, you can ask your vendor about their small farm, orchard, or relationship with another reputable seller. You can also test products for freshness and request your preferred cuts of meat from sellers who meet UDSA prime standards.

When you attend our market in Wayne, Pennsylvania, you’ll understand why our regular customers prefer our sights and sound to those of their local supermarkets.

Visit Lancaster County Farmers Market

When you’re ready to make your trip to the market, we’re just a 20-mile drive from northwest Philadelphia. Come see us on any Wednesday, Friday or Saturday between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. — we’re open in all kinds of weather. The trip is perfect for anyone who wants a unique shopping experience influenced by the area’s history and modern trends.

Do you have questions about the vendors who frequent the market? You can browse our full list of vendors to find information about each vendor’s products and their contact information. If you have specific questions regarding a vendor or their products, please contact the vendor directly.

For general questions about Lancaster County Farmers Market, you can contact us today.

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