Must-Try PA Dutch Inspired Food on Your Trip to Philadelphia

Traveling in and around Philadelphia has plenty of benefits. You can visit all those historic sites you’ve heard so much about and taste authentic Pennsylvania Dutch food and Amish baked goods.

Which goodies should you dive into first? Any of the following temptations should satisfy your craving for a regional dish that always delivers!

Shoofly Pie

Admittedly, the name of this molasses-rich delicacy might be bewildering. No one quite knows how the shoofly pie got its moniker. Some folks think it’s because the sugary pastry attracted literal buzz when cooling on the windowsill. Regardless of its namesake, you’ll only find this intense flavor in a genuine shoofly pie.

If you think pie is only for dessert, this dish might change your mind. Many PA Dutch food enthusiasts eat it in the morning. A slice of this deceptively simple masterpiece pairs beautifully with a robust cup of coffee.

Whoopie Pies

No list of Amish baked goods could be complete without a nod to whoopie pies. Made by sandwiching a generous layer of icing or flavored whipped cream between two spongy cookies, whoopie pies are everywhere in the Philadelphia region. You’ll appreciate being able to hold one in your hand and nibble your way to a satisfied smile.

Though the traditional whoopie pie involves chocolate cookies and a vanilla center, bakers around Philadelphia and the surrounding communities have expanded into unusual and even exotic flavor pairings. You can find variations in pumpkin, orange and even pineapple. Grab several and host a private taste test with friends or family.

soft pretzels

Soft Pretzels

Most people have eaten or at least encountered soft pretzels, which German settlers brought to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia area soft pretzels might be a little different from the ones you’ve eaten before. When fresh, their exterior provides just the right level of crust to contain the moist, warm center.

Our vendors typically sprinkle large grains of salt on soft pretzels, although you can get unsalted versions, too. Some bakers like to coat their soft pretzels with butter, adding an extraordinary richness to the overall snacking experience.


Are you feeling a little adventurous and looking for a way to jazz up your morning eggs and toast? Scrapple could be the answer. This food serves as a nod to how creatively Amish people use spices in their foods.

Highly seasoned and made mostly from quality butcher’s trimmings and cornmeal, scrapple looks like a solid, gray-toned brick. Our vendors shape it carefully for convenient slicing. Best when fried, scrapple carries a peppery bite that many people adore. Pour a little real maple syrup over it to give it even more sizzle. You can also add a savory flair to this decidedly PA Dutch delight with a dollop of ground mustard.

Treat Your Palate to PA Dutch Food

Are you itching to get out of the house? Head to Philly, where you can fuel your mind—and your body.

Be sure to check out the Pennsylvania Dutch food items at our Lancaster County Farmers Market in Wayne, PA, located in the Philadelphia region.