4 Tips for Selling at a Farmers Market

For thousands of years, consumers have relied on farmers markets to obtain the freshest produce, flowers and other merchandise at competitive prices. Farmers markets aren’t just a great place to discover new foods and products, though. They’re also a wonderful opportunity to socialize with friends, neighbors and supporters of agribusiness.

Are you interested in learning how to start selling your own products at a farmers market? If so, we’ve outlined a few of our top tips for impressing shoppers at the market.

1. Jot Down Other Vendors’ Best Practices

Before securing your stand space, take some trips to various farmers markets and consider what you like about what other vendors are doing. Bring along a notebook to jot down your observations.

Do you appreciate the way one vendor displays fruits and vegetables or love the contactless pay system available at a baked goods stand? Use what you see to inform the way that you ultimately set up your own stand.

2. Set Your Prices Correctly

One of the most important parts of being a first-time farmers market participant is setting your prices. However, it can be challenging to know what to charge.

A good way to know what prices the market customers will accept is by checking out other stands with similar items. You’ll get a good idea of the “going rate” right away. If you can’t find anything comparable to what you’re offering, looking online is helpful for pricing suggestions.

3. Present an Organized Display

Have you ever been to a farmers market stand that’s incredibly pristine and structured? You may find yourself gravitating toward those wares over others because it’s easier to focus on the specific items.

Your farmers market vendor stand should be arranged in an orderly fashion, as well. Even if it’s bursting with a variety of items, it can still look clean and organized. Also, periodically step back from the stand and make sure browsing customers haven’t rearranged the merchandise.

4. Pay Attention to Cleanliness

Modern farmers market shoppers are highly tuned to cleanliness. They want to feel like they’re buying from a vendor that takes health seriously.

At least every couple of hours, freshen up your stand’s appearance. Scrub fingerprints off the glass case or apply some organic disinfectant to the countertop where people exchange money. Your diligence will be appreciated.

Set Up Your Stand at Lancaster County Farmers Market

Now that you know how to sell at a farmers market, you confidently can set up a successful stand.

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